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Epoxy primer
Epoxy primer

Features:  double-component intermediate paint,features outstanding adhesion power,fast drying, easy to be sanded, covering property      
Substrates:  stainless steel, plastic,galvanized steel and aluminum      


   Mixing ratio    
 Epoxy primer    4 part    
Hardner    1 part    
XD-919 thinner    0.8-1part    
(below 15℃ use fast dry)        
(15℃-25℃ use medium)        
(above 25℃ use slow dry)        
Curing time(grindable)  2-3 hours, 20°C      
No. of Coats  2 wet coats or 3 single coats      
Flash-off time  5-10 Minutes      
Each thickness  15-25 Micron      
Spray Pressure  Gravity Feed: 1.3-1.5/3-4.5kg      
  Siphon Feed: 1.5-1.8/3.5-5kg      
Shelf Life  "2 years in original sealed (can continue to use
after passing inspection )"      
Packaging  4L      
Notice:  1. Mix thoroughly according to the recommended ratio