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Read an article car paint those things!
2015-09-06 11:07:35

Common types of car paint is not many, ordinary paint, metallic paint, and pearl paint, respectively, want to notice slightly only, can easily understand the features and advantages of all kinds of paint.Today, we would like to now the mainstream of several kinds of paint, for example, to tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages are different paint.

Ordinary paint is one of the most common, and is the most basic car paint.Its synthetic materials including resin, pigments and additives, such as the most common type of white, red and yellow are ordinary paint.And metallic paint much aluminium powder, it looks glistening in the sun.

Joined the mica pearlescent paint grain, mica is very thin pieces of material, reflective direction led to the colorful visual effects.Pearl paint is the best of the three kinds of paint inside, was the best reflective sex.It also have the most ingredients, antioxidant ability, more commonly appear on the high-end models.But this kind of paint repair more troublesome, costs are relatively high.

In addition, the price of different color paint also has the very big difference, such as first-class brand red pigment to 25 times more expensive than first-class brand chain, probably, and the amount of titanium dioxide in the white paint is red pigment of about 5 times.Therefore, the cost of the red paint on color is 5 times higher than white paint.This is the reason why some models color varieties less.

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